Jason Kidd on Excellence, Hard Work

All NBA, 2008 Team USA Gold Medalist, NBA Coach

Jason Kidd was known as a hard-nosed player during his career and now brings that to his position as a coach in the NBA for multiple teams. Listen to his words about what it means to be excellent and how to stay motivated to achieve excellence.

How do you define excellence?

“I think excellence is when you commit and do the hard work then you will shine. At the end of the day excellence is something that is attached to hard work. The final result from hard work is excellence. I am still waiting for true excellence, I am never satisfied. I am seeking pure excellence on a daily basis. Excellence is a journey and not a destination. You have to strive for it every day; that is the beauty of life”

What have been your keys to achieving excellence in your life and career?

“I think just maybe being stubborn or understanding that you are trying every day to become that perfect person or live your-life-the-right-way type of person. If at the end of the day someone gives you a compliment then you have done things the right way.”

If you are writing the story, what is your main point about excellence?

“I would start with work hard. Things don’t come easy. And if you don’t have failures, then you aren’t working hard enough and taking enough chances.”