Business, Golf Icon Greg Norman Embraces the Journey and Grind

Greg Norman is one of the best PGA Tour golfers of all time. But off-the-course, he just may claim the crown and the best professional golfer turned entrepreneur in history, with all due respect to Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer.

Prior to the launch of yet another venture—this time Shark Experience, his new cart software program that is bringing “connectivity, content and customization” to a golf course near you. The Shark Experience is a partnership between Norman, Verizon, Club Car and GPSi.

Greg Norman on being excellent:

“Whatever you do next is better than the what you did in the past.”

How do and did you stay motivated?

“My motivation was learning by my mistakes and making my weakness my strength. Your strengths are always going to be your assets no matter what, but identifying your weaknesses and making them stronger and stronger (is important). They may never become your strengths, but at least you are building your foundation better and better. I was motivated by failure, I suppose. I wondered why I failed. I really did a lot of psychoanalyzing and a lot of dissecting if it was my golf game or people around me, the loyalty factor whether it was people doubting my abilities, all of those things were driving factors for me.

Is there a special quote that inspires you?

“There are no ordinary moments.”

Photo – Jerry Coli |