Costello Threw for 623 Yards in MSU Debut – Here’s the Backstory

Life comes fast and change is the only constant. For K.J. Costello, the new starting quarterback for offensive guru and coaching’s version of an eccentric millionaire, Mike Leach, at Mississippi State, it’s stunning the difference a year makes. Costello transferred to the Bulldogs after graduating from Stanford, where he became the 9th-leading quarterback in the school’s history, and pretty much immediately when Leach told him he could lead the nation in passing.

So far, Leach has lived up to his word because Costello’s debut was to throw 60 passes for 623 years and five touchdowns in leading the unranked Bulldogs upset over the defending national champion and 6th-ranked LSU Tigers.

It was a stunningly excellence performance.

Besides the pledge that he would lead the nation in passing, Costello was intrigued by Leach’s legendary fast-paced, quick-strike offense.

“It wasn’t really just that,” K.J. Costello told CBS Sports this week. “It was more the idea I’d already been in a pro-style system. … We were trying to control the game — control the ball and play really good defense. We put a ton on the quarterback but didn’t necessarily open it up, get five guys out in the pattern almost 80% of the time. … I wanted to experience some of the Air Raid.”

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