Lebron James’ ‘Superhuman’ Excellence On Display, Says Danny Green

Lebron James led the Los Angeles Lakers to their 17th NBA championship en route to his fourth personal title. Bearing witness to it first-hand was his Lakers teammate, Danny Green, who recently detailed how James remains ‘Superhuman’ even at age 35. Green made the comments on his “Inside the Green Room” podcast.

“How he takes care of his body makes him superhuman to me,” says Green, a 3-time NBA champ himself. Because at the age he’s at, and how effective and healthy he stays. He plays every game, we might get a game off during the regular season. He plays at a high level, no injuries and wakes up the next day with a bounce, spritely… He’s got all this energy. ‘You’re 35, I’m 33 and I’m like my body, I’m ready to get out of here’. He just keeps going, even 17 seasons, 11-12 for me obviously I did a year in college. He always finds a way to take care of his body and have his body ready. Mentally he’s always getting better, he’s always studying the game, he’s always getting smarter. But physically he is making sure his body is right and healthy. Shoutout to all his trainers, that took care of us and him this year.”

Several years ago, while playing for Team USA, James his definition of excellence with xlete.com following a practice at UNLV.

“Excellence can mean a lot of things: there can be an excellent play, an excellent person, or an excellent team. It means that the team or player you are watching is making you feel like what you are seeing isn’t true because it is so good,” James said back then. “Witnessing excellence is like you are watching something that is beyond this earth and from a different planet.”

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