Greg Maddux – The Consistency of Excellence from a Hall of Famer (#1)

Greg Maddux Soundbite

Magnifying Excellence Host – Brian Hurlburt

What an honor to have baseball Hall of Famer Greg Maddux as the first guest of THE Magnifying Excellence podcast. He shares some incredible stories and will surely inspire our listeners to CHASE their own personal Excellence. But the price of Excellence isn’t free and he shares how he overcame challenges and provides a candid assessment of some of the most difficult points of his career.

“I understand, you know, you hear a lot of people say that no matter how good you are, the game will humble you,” Maddux says in the podcast. “And, I was humbled, very humbled and just kind of taking the advice I’ve heard so many times from older players and coaches that, ‘okay, I’m humbled.’ Now you got to get yourself back up and start working again. And, figure out ‘why’d you fail?’ I think it’s always important to understand, ‘why did I fail today?’ And then hopefully if I got in that situation again, I wouldn’t make that same mistake twice”

Maddux goes into more detail about that plus shares how a fortune in a cookie changed his mindset and who inspired him to Excellence. One person was Los Angeles Lakers great Magic Johnson.

It’s a podcast worth listening to for the exclusive conversation, but also it hopefully will provide some information as you CHASE EXCELLENCE.

This is a New Era of Excellence. This is THE Magnifying Excellence podcast.

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Greg Maddux Magnifying Excellence Podcast Highlights.

Maddux shares …

  • His definition of Excellence
  • How a fortune cookie inspired his Excellence
  • How he “Owned” and overcame playoff challenges
  • Why winning a World Series title with the Atlanta Braves was exactly like winning a high school state title
  • More exclusive, never-heard-before Insights
Greg Maddux Hall of Fame plaque.