Medical Excellence Conference Reveals Need for New Thoughts, Leaders in Covid Era

It’s not all about sports at – Magnifying Excellence, and it is quite clear these days that healthcare is as paramount to all of his as never before. The recent Medical Group Management Association (MGMA) Medical Practice Excellence Conference revealed how many in the medical industry are seeking Excellence and innovation in the era of Covid, which can benefit us as patients.

The theme of the conference was “Rise Above”, and speakers and experts said innovation and adaptation will be key.

“We are at a point where we are having to adapt to so many different things, and when I think about adaptivity, I think about adaptive leadership and adaptive change,” Amiee Greeter, senior VP at Coker Group, told attendees during a panel discussion. “The difference here is that we’re in a period where adaptivity requires us to think outside the box,” Greeter continued. “So, it can’t be doing the same things that we’ve done or having the same solutions that have worked for us previously, using the same processes, those are kind of the hallmarks of technical change. We’re at a time where we’ve got to be thinking about breaking loyalties, switching referral patterns, shaking up who’s doing what, thinking of different ways to do things.”

According to some of the speakers, healthcare has lacked the type of leadership needed to address the challenges during COVID-19. MGMA’s president and CEO Halee Fischer-Wright, MD, MMM, FAAP, FACMPE was one of those and believe innovation and new ways of think can help medical practices and also patients.

“This is the opportunity to blow things up and try something else because I don’t think we don’t have what we need to get the outcomes we want,” Fischer-Wright stated. “This is a time that the lack of leadership and playing the short game versus the long game has really hurt us with how we’ve addressed the issues of COVID.”

Sparrow Hospital’s Alan Vierling, MSN, shared that effective leadership through change hinges on establishing a singular vision, such as ensuring caregivers at the hospital stay safe during the crisis, and acting quickly to achieve that goal. Effective leadership should also communicate often, even daily, and remain visible, the hospital administrator stated.

Self-awareness is also key to being a “future-ready leader,” according to organizational psychologist Tasha Eurich, who was a keynote speaker. Eurich underscored the value of self-knowledge and understanding how others see the leader, saying these skills are a business imperative in today’s environment.

Other ideas from the conference included smaller footprints for offices and the continued expansion of telehealth.

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