Expansion of Discovery Life PacBio Excellence Center Strengthens Cancer Fight

To the layperson, the expansion of the HudsonAlpha Discovery Life PacBio Center for Excellence to become one of the largest commercial long read sequencing services laboratories in the world sounds interesting, but probably quite confusing. Here’s what it could mean to cancer research. –By Brian Hurlburt, Magnifying Excellence Podcast host.

“We are looking forward to further expanding our collaboration with Discovery to support a full suite of HiFi sequencing applications and genetic analysis methods to help advance research relating to the diagnosis and treatment of disease, including cancer,” said Chris Siepert, VP Sales and Support for the Americas and Europe at PacBio.

Long-read sequencing improves de novo assembly, increases variant detection for whole genome sequencing, comprehensively maps difficult genomic regions, identifies transcript isoforms and elucidates complex disease-causing elements such as repeat expansions and structural variants that short read technologies miss.

Again, what does that mean?

According to the Discovery Life experts, “These advantages are driving increased adoption of long read sequencing technologies, especially in the field of oncology” and those are vital in clinical trials as scientists look for disease cures. Clinical trials are a vital part of research and improvements in method can be very meaningful and increase the speed and success of projects.

“HudsonAlpha Discovery is uniquely positioned to support the growing need for large-scale long read sequencing in cancer, drug, and diagnostic research and development,” said Dr. Shawn Levy, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer Discovery Life Sciences. “Our expertise is centered on high-throughput sequencing, workflow optimization, and developing cutting-edge analytical pipelines in support of global, large-scale clinical trial programs.”

HudsonAlpha Discovery is Discovery’s globally recognized sequencing and bioinformatics division that leverages the most current genomic research technologies to comprehensively support discovery, translational, and clinical research. Driven by science, the Discovery team engages with customers in an innovative, consultative approach to overcoming obstacles and reaching a faster end result.

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