Greg Maddux Drive for Excellence – How Good Could I Be?

To attain Excellence, there has to be a driving motivator. For baseball hall of famer and World Series champion Greg Maddux, the driving force was reaching his ultimate potential.

“I had a coach ask me when I was about 20 years old. He goes, ‘how good do you think you can be?’ And, at the time, I never thought of that,” Maddux told me in episode 1 of the Magnifying Excellence Podcast. “I was always just trying to win the game or strike a guy out or get a hit or whatever. And I kind of challenged myself. ‘Why don’t you just try to do everything right?’ And try to find out how good you can be. And I think that’s kind of what drove me. I was always just trying to get better. I wanted to know how good I could be that day.”

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