Names Top 10 ‘Excellent’ TV Shows

If there are some certainties to 2020, it’s that most of us probably watched more television than normal. As such, recently named their top 10 television shows that provided some viewing excellence during quarantine. –By Brian Hurlburt, Host, Magnifying Excellence Podcast.

From writer Meleanie McFarland:

Remember when everybody worried that we were going to run out of TV in 2020? Yeah . . . that didn’t happen. Yet. One of the very few benefits of spending most of our time at home is that this became the year that we collectively realized how much television content is out that we haven’t seen yet. That goes for old shows that passed us by in the busier before-times and this year, when production schedules may have slowed down, delayed or ceased altogether. TV still yielded enough excellence to make it very difficult to narrow a year-end list of Best TV Shows down to 10.

Before she added …

So why not expand it to 20?” you may ask? To that I answer, “Have you not lived through this year? Dammit, I’m exhausted.

Her list – I May Destroy You, Better Call Saul, Better Things, Ted Lasso, P-Valley, What We Do in the Shadows, PEN15, Mrs. America, The Good Lord Bird and Insecure.

For my money, I would add CBS’ “Seal Team” and Netflix film “The Queen’s Gambit.”

Now, let’s hope in 2021 we watch a little less television, but that it is always Excellent.

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Photo by Nicolas J Leclercq on Unsplash