21 Tips to Achieve Customer Service Excellence, Empathy

Most likely in some way, we are all in the service business. And with difficult times and frayed nerves all around us, finding ways to provide an Excellence level of customer service is ultra important. Here are 21 tips to help by Custom Think. –By Brian Hurlburt, Host, Magnifying Excellence Podcast.

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From Custom Think:

Customer experience excellence is certainly defined a bit differently now, compared to years past. Some aspects of the new definition are obvious: heightened empathy and benevolence, smoother digitalization, stronger security and safety, greater inclusion and diversity.

The 2020s decade is clobbering us over the head with the urgent realization of these essentials. Yet they’re not really new needs or luxuries: they’re long overdue.

Another interesting thing about this list of obvious CX excellence needs is it’s not necessarily in the average customer experience manager’s scope of control or influence.

Heightened empathy and benevolence go beyond touch-points to include policies and processes that are owned by a wide variety of functional areas.

Smoother digitalization involves the IT function plus business process owners across your company.

Stronger security and safety is enabled by facilities, legal, safety, operations, and other functional areas.

Greater inclusion and diversity is a commitment of attitudes and actions across your whole enterprise, and with your alliances, channel partners and suppliers.

The 21 Top Tips of Custom Service Excellence

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1) Stop referring to customer experience as interactions

2) Start picturing customer experience holistically

3) Stop calling customer experience management “customer experience”

4) Stop calling customer service “customer experience management”

5) Start seeing customer experience as “the hand that feeds you”

6) Start “nailing it” with your core-growth customers

7) Start focusing on customers’ objectives

8) Stop being obsessed with quick wins

9) Stop seeing NPS as your sure-win

10) Start seeing your customer experience index as a lagging indicator

11) Start expecting everyone to align to customers

12) Stop over-relying on customer experience technologies

13) Stop obsessing about customer journey maps

14) Start making voice-of-customer relevant and vital to every role in your company

15) Start operationalizing customer experience management

16) Start recognizing teams for prevention of customer issues

17) Start viewing customer experience roles as facilitators

18) Start seeing customer experience roles as silo-smoothers

19) Start cascading customer experience objectives

20) Start rewarding performance of leading indicators

21) Start coordinating among all facilitators of customer experience management

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