Excellence Canada Announces New Six Pillars of Excellence

At Excellence Canada, the entire organization focuses on the journey to Excellence with a focus on how to help companies achieve it. On Monday, the non-for-profit organization released the six pillars of Excellence chart as part of the Organizational Excellence Standard (OES). —By Brian Hurlburt, Founder and Host, Magnifying Excellence Podcast.

The six Drivers of Excellence are Leadership, Planning, Our People, Processes, Customers, and Partners, implemented through the use of a Plan, Do, Study, Adjust cycle.

Through the OES, Excellence Canada sets the bar for performance excellence and wellness in today’s dynamic work environment.

The OES is a robust yet flexible framework that uses a data-driven assessment to find gaps and opportunities for continual improvement in all private and public sector organizations, businesses, and institutions. Through OES implementation and certification, organizations will adopt best practices for sustained excellence and peak performance.

Excellence Canada’s OES is the exciting product of 36 years of experience, setting standards and working with thousands of organizations to successfully implement them, combined with months of research into the Future of Work and how organizations can successfully address today’s unique challenges while preparing for the future.

Organizations have anticipated the impacts of globalization and technology on workflow and performance for over a decade. However, nothing prepared businesses for the sudden change that COVID-19 forced overnight.

“The Covid-19 pandemic has severely affected individuals, families and organizations. As a result, Excellence Canada recognized that we needed to develop a revised and more robust framework that will help organizations deal with the new realities of the ‘Future of Work’ such as how, where and when people will work,” said Allan N. Ebedes, President & CEO of Excellence Canada, in a statement. “The Organizational Excellence Standard does this. We have also increased the focus on Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion. We are grateful for the input and expertise of numerous partners from coast-to-coast across Canada who helped us develop the OES.”

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