Highlights Excellence in College Counseling Honorees

There are plenty of challenging jobs in 2021, and among them is being a high school college counselor. As such, recently recognized some Excellence in the profession. –By Brian Hurlburt, Founder and Host, Magnifying Excellence Podcast.

And we couldn’t help but LOVE one of the questions in the interview. Read below for that.

From contributor Maddie Boehnlein:

We know the crucial and irreplaceable role that school counselors play in getting students to college. We also know that the pandemic has hit the counseling profession hard. That’s why we partnered with Collegewise and Common App to recognize the counseling team at Miami Palmetto Senior High School as our 2021 Excellence in College Counseling winners! 

To hear more about this all-star team, I asked a few key players to reflect on their time as counselors. Let me introduce you to Harry Nerenberg, College Advisement Program Counselor; Tierney Hunter, Assistant Principal; Lisa Mallard, Department Head of Student Services; Victoria Dobbs, Principal; and Linda Dwyer, CAP Interventionist. I think you’ll find that excellence is an understatement. 

From the interview:

What does Excellence in college counseling mean to you?

Victoria: When I think of “Excellence,” I think of a program that assists all students needing guidance with their post-secondary choices. We have students who are interested in attending the local community college, state universities, out-of-state universities, private colleges, and military schools. That means we have to be prepared to assist all of our students with the application process, so we’ve placed a big focus on developing solid relationships with schools. Making that personal connection allows us to better prepare our students. In addition, we also set up workshops for parents to explain financial aid, scholarships, and FAFSA. As long as we are able to connect our students with their next step in life, we have met our own goal of Excellence.

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