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Justin Thomas is accomplishing things on the PGA Tour that only the legends before him have, and writer Kyle Porter believes he will be an all-time great. –By Brian Hurlburt, Founder and Host, Magnifying Excellence Podcast.

His article headline was, “The excellence and obsession of Justin Thomas paint the picture of a generational great”, so that immediately caught our attention. Porter then detail Thomas’ accomplished and concluded that it was his “obsession” with Excellence and greatness that is driving him to becoming a legend in his own right.

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In a golf world with a Tiger Woods-shaped void at the present moment, it is fitting that in the first massive tournament since Woods rolled his SUV in Los Angeles, his protege, Justin Thomas, held The Players Championship trophy at the end of the week.

J.T. is obsessed with being great, and — outside of the club twirls and world-class iron play — that is his greatest commonality with Woods. A preternatural internal drive that all the money in the sport cannot satiate is one of the very few innately-acquired necessary skills required to maintain the level of golf which Thomas desires.

A few years ago, I ran into someone who had spent time with J.T. on a Friday night after he missed the cut at The Players. He was irate in a way that is unusual for top-10-type players in the world. Probably because he knew that at TPC Sawgrass, as he proved this weekend, a narrowly-made cut can lead to an insane last 36 holes.

It’s that obsession with being great that informs the trajectory of his career, and looking at the trajectory of his career serves two purposes. The first is to show that, though he is not currently, he will at some point almost certainly surpass Jordan Spieth as the most-accomplished player of his generation (unless Bryson DeChambeau does first). And the second is to show what could be with J.T. when you compare him to the best players a generation ahead of him.

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