New Book Focuses on Excellence, Extreme Humanism

As the Magnifying Excellence Podcast and overall vision of continues to evolve, we seek out those also embracing Excellence. Tom Peters is an obvious choice, and he has been urging Excellence for decades. His words ring more true than ever. –By Brian Hurlburt, Host and Founder, Magnifying Excellence.


These tumultuous times demand deep engagement, human connection, and, yes, EXCELLENCE. In response, Tom has started his Excellence Now Campaign, a trio of tools intended to be his final lessons in Excellence. Lessons which focus on these topics of surpassing importance; topics which are, in fact, more important now than ever. The tools are Excellence Now: The Forty-Three Number Ones eBook, Excellence Now: Extreme Humanism hardback, and Excellence: Now More Than Ever six-part course series.

“The 43 years since our first book’s research started were 43 years of waiting for,” Peters said in a press release about his new series of e-books. “This moment.  The stuff I’ve been shouting about has moved from ‘damn good business strategy’ to ‘undeniable necessity’ in the face of triple madness: COVID-19, racial injustice, artificial intelligence at the tipping point. This multi-dimensional turmoil makes this book’s message far more timely, far more powerful, far more pertinent—and far more urgent—than I could have imagined. Leading amidst chaos. Leading amidst the personal and economic anguish brought on by COVID-19. Leading amidst the social pain symbolized by loud, angry, renewed awareness of racial inequities that defy decades of efforts to bring about large-scale change. How do leaders cope—and even thrive in their efforts to serve the communities in which they are imbedded—amidst this madness? I say for the umpteenth time … People’s Growth [REALLY] first, Community Engagement [REALLY] first, Planet Earth [REALLY] first, Products and Services that Serve Humanity rather than shareholder wealth accretion [REALLY] first. Now.”

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