George Kunz – How Quiet Excellence Leads to Happiness, Success (# 10)

What a journey for Magnifying Excellence that it’s been during season 1. Well, it’s time for our final episode of the first season and we are thrilled it is former NFL All-Pro, businessman and current attorney, George Kunz. –By Brian Hurlburt, Founder and Host, Magnifying Excellence Podcast.

We hope you enjoy another timeless journey of Excellence, when our guests talk exclusively and candidly about their journeys of Excellence like never before. This is not a glorification of excellence, but an examination of the all-encompassing path of Excellence.

Kunz on Excellence – “Socrates defined Excellence as a fulfillment of your specific function with virtue. And if you do that, if you have a specific function, you do it well, you do it virtuously … and with an element of class and obviously a great bit of knowledge, you’ll be happy.”

The multi-talented George Kunz–you may not readily recognize the name– has hall of fame credentials … but as with any journey of Excellence, sometimes the path is winding, and his final, rightful destination in Canton is still unattained. He was an 8-time NFL All-Pro after playing at Notre Dame and rated the best offensive lineman in 1976 and 1977.


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Much like offensive lineman in football quietly go about their roles on the field, so does Kunz in all facets of his life, probably a contributing factor to why he hasn’t been inducted as of 2021.

He didn’t showboat as a player, didn’t as a successful business person owning McDonald’s franchises and learning from the legendary Ray Kroc, and doesn’t now as a practicing attorney in Las Vegas, having entered the UNLV law school at 59 years old.

His Excellence is quietly impactful, which sometimes goes unnoticed in a world of super social media and high—and many times misplaced—ego.  George shares more about this thought process during this episode, the final of season 1.

This is a must listen to learn and be inspired by the one and only George Kunz.