Do You Know the Difference Between Customer Service and Customer Excellence?

We seek the experts at Magnifying Excellence, and here’s an intriguing discussion about achieving customer Excellence, as opposed to just quality service or experience. Here’s more from industry and Abbyy exec Anthony Macciola. –By Brian Hurlburt, Founder and Host, Magnifying Excellence Podcast. 

“Moving beyond customer experience, if customers find it easy to do business with you and experience consistent high-quality experiences every time through every touchpoint, then you are moving from customer experience to customer excellence,” wrote Macciola at “While companies understand the importance of customer experience, many don’t know where or how to make improvements. Successful companies must shift their focus from just good and bad customer service to creating memorable experiences that build loyalty, increase customer satisfaction and maximize customer lifetime value. Here are four ways you can start moving towards creating better customer experiences and move towards true customer excellence by turning customers into advocates.”

Macciola noted several areas about how to get to customer Excellence:

Focus on Customer Outcomes

Leverage Process Mining: Think of It as Discovery at Scale

Use Both Human and Digital Intelligence

Take a Holistic Approach to Process Automation

Macciola is Chief Innovation Officer at ABBYY, a Digital Intelligence company, where he leads the company’s AI vision and strategy. He holds more than 45 patents for technologies in mobility, text analytics, image processing, and process automation, and advocates their use for changing the future of work, improving the customer experience, maintaining business continuity, and achieving process excellence.

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