SoFi Stadium Water Recycle Project Earns Excellence Award

Several key stakeholders were awarded the “Excellence In Action” award for SoFi Stadiums’ water recycling project. As the world evolves, the availability of water will be an ongoing issue and conservation and new tech at the forefront. –By Brian Hurlburt, Found and Host, Magnifying Excellence Podcast. 

And the stadium project, which will attract hundreds of thousands annually to football games, concerts and other events, was recognized for the forward thinking of the project leaders. In a virtual ceremony on March 22, the WateReuse Association presented the annual award to West Basin Municipal Water District (West Basin), the City of Inglewood, and other project partners for the SoFi Stadium Recycled Water Project.

“This public-private partnership between West Basin, the City of Inglewood and SoFi Stadium highlights the possibilities for creativity and innovation in water reuse,” said West Basin Board President Harold C. Williams. “We are honored to be recognized by WateReuse for all of the hard work that has gone into helping conserve our region’s drinking water through recycling.”

Outside of the stadium’s footprint, West Basin recycled water will also be delivered to the Hollywood Park Casino and the Inglewood Transit Center, with additional supplies being made available for future retail development. In total, the project’s commitment to recycled water use is expected to offset potable water demands in the region by approximately 75 Acre-Feet Per Year (AFY) during the first year of operation, and is anticipated to expand to over 80 AFY (approx. 26 million gallons per year) in potable water savings as future development areas are connected to recycled water in subsequent years.

West Basin, a provider of drinking and recycled water supplies for nearly 1 million people in coastal Los Angeles County, nominated SoFi Stadium and Hollywood Park for the Excellence in Action Award. The annual award recognizes individuals and/or projects that are making significant contributions in support of greater adoption of water reuse. The Excellence in Action award specifically recognizes innovative organizations who have advanced the use and acceptance of recycled water.

SoFi Stadium and Hollywood Park, located in the city of Inglewood, Calif., is a 298-acre sports and entertainment destination. The centerpiece of the mixed-use development is the 70,000-seat open-air SoFi Stadium, which is home to the National Football League’s Los Angeles Rams and Los Angeles Chargers. West Basin produces and distributes recycled water for landscape irrigation, maintenance, and aesthetic purposes, including Lake Park and the landscape areas surrounding the stadium.