A Power Jolt – 129 Utilities Earn Safety Award of Excellence

This is one of our most ‘powerful’ blog posts to date, by recognizing 129 utilities that have earned the Safety Award of Excellence from the American Public Power Association. –By Brian Hurlburt, Founder and Host, Magnifying Excellence Podcast.

“Utilities that receive an APPA Safety Award have demonstrated that they have made the health and safety of their employees a core value,” said Brandon Wylie, Chair of APPA’s Safety Committee and Director of Training & Safety at Electric Cities of Georgia in a statement. “Designing and maintaining a top-notch utility safety program takes a lot of hard work and commitment. These utilities and their communities should be very proud.”

Could there be a better award to receive than a safety award of Excellence when it comes to dealing with highly-charged electricity and worker safety, and its outlet to communities throughout the United States?

Three hundred twenty-nine utilities from across the country entered the annual Safety Awards. Entrants were placed in categories according to their number of worker-hours and ranked based on the most incident-free records during 2020. Utilities’ incidence rate, used to judge entries, is based on the number of work-related reportable injuries or illnesses and the number of worker-hours during 2020, as defined by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). The Safety Awards have been held annually for more than 65 years.

Among the winners were JEA FL for more than 3.99 million hours of exposure and Energy Northwest, WA and Nebraska Public Power District, NE for 1,000,000 to 3,999,999 worker-hours of exposure. Click for more winners.