– Jaguar Legacy of Excellence

According to, Jaguar exudes Excellence and “has forever been synonymous with glamour, luxury, high performance…and a little devilry.” –By Brian Hurlburt, Founder and Host, Magnifying Excellence Podcast.

Writer Richard Torne penned that Jaguar is the “car of choice for film stars, racing drivers, and even bank robbers” and that “few marques can boast Jaguar’s rich racing legacy and design brilliance. The car company that won Le Mans seven times has also built some of the most beautiful and iconic sports cars the world has ever seen. From the lithe XK120, the first entirely new car produced by Jaguar after WWII, to today’s raucously powerful F-Type, Jaguar boasts a list that would make most car manufacturers turn green with envy.”

The official company slogan is ‘grace, pace and space’ and the sleek designs have turned heads for decades. Torne details the company’s long history in a very interesting article.

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