Sam Schmidt – Enlightenment and Excellence Came After Paralysis (#14)

To most of us, it would seem as if being permanently paralyzed in a racing car accident would be the worst day of our lives. For guest Sam Schmidt, it just might have been one of the best days of his life.

Former Indy Car champion Sam Schmidt defines what a true life of Excellence is all about, and this episode explores his amazing story of Indy Car champ, paraplegic, a return to racing, successful entrepreneur, race team owner, philanthropist and more.

From Schmidt’s episode:

“I think one of the more enlightening observations is that when I was young, I was arguing pretty selfish. And I, I thought I felt satisfaction in only in, in generating excellence with myself, but now I think I find more satisfaction in helping to cultivate the experts and others. And I realized totally that I had professional athlete, insurance, and resources and an education and a support system, and enabled me to continue on post my accident and probably do a heck of a lot more with my life in this situation that I would have out of a wheelchair.”

Sam Schmidt. True Excellence.