American Jewish Press Association Excellence Awards Honor Standouts

Top Jewish media companies and journalists were honored with Simon Rockower awards of Excellence in 39 different categories by the America Jewish Press Association. It was the 40th annual edition of the Rockower awards.–By Brian Hurlburt, Founder and Host, Magnifying Excellence Podcast.

About the Rockower Awards

In 1979, as a century tribute to him by his sons, the Rockower family created the Simon Rockower Jewish Journalism Awards to honor Simon Rockower and his deep love for the craft of Jewish Journalism. 

Like the story of so many, Rockower left his native Austria in search of the dreams and promises of a new land. In this country, he found it. His progeny have become physicists and physicians, lawyers and businessmen, and yes, even journalists. He was a man who taught his children to always ask good questions, something they taught, L’dor v’dor, to their children. Rockower was a man who deeply cherished his people, and always supported their betterment. One of his deepest pursuits was bringing not only relatives to America, but also bringing the friends of relatives and the relatives of friends to this land. Rockower believed that self-respect was gained by being proud of your religion and your people. He believed in the importance of leaving the legacy of a good name. 

From the AJPA:

Excellence of your newspapers brings honor to his name. The excellence of your newspapers brings honor to our people. In the age of compromised journalistic integrity, the field of Jewish Journalism remains committed to the truth. You faithfully tell the story of our people and of our homeland Israel. You tell Israel’s story in a clear voice, even when it is being maligned by the mainstream media. Your commitment to the truth remains paramount and unwavering. Thank you for enlightening us all, with the power of your voice.

Complete list of Winners Here