Simon Keith – Heart Transplant Recipient on How to Embrace Fear (#16)

In this episode when Simon Keith described the moments just prior to entering the operating room prior to his first heart transplant, my mind raced to try and empathize with him. There is no way I could ever truly understand that feeling and moment, but Simon was nice enough to share candidly about that life-changing moment and much more. –By Brian Hurlburt, Founder and Host, Magnifying Excellence Podcast.

Simon is a two-time heart transplant recipient and the first athlete to play professionally following a heart transplant. “Awe-inspiring” to say the least.

Visit for more about Simon and how you can help him make a difference in the lives of kids going through the transplant process.

Simon Shares During This Episode:

– His definition of Excellence that is similar to that of Tiger Woods
– How to embrace fear and what it was like moments before his heart was removed
– How to not waste your opportunities
– Why motivation is overrated but discipline is underrated.
– Who inspired him to create the Simon Keith Foundation and why
– Much more from the Southern Nevada Sports Hall of Fame member