Lt. Col Dan Rooney – Going Before You Are Ready is the DNA of Excellence (#17)

Lt. Col. Dan Rooney is the only person in history to be both a United States Air Force pilot and a PGA of America professional.

How Being a Fighter Pilot Changed His Life

Being a fighter pilot changed his life and the core philosophy of honestly scrutinizing your efforts translates to everyday life.

“Being a fighter pilot changed me forever,” Rooney said during the episode. “The number one thing you learn about Excellence is that it’s a business of no excuses and very high stakes and being prepared. Number one, being very open and transparent about your mistakes in a world where everybody tries to hide everything. When you make a mistake on a mission, you write it down and you come in and you openly share those with the group in the spirit of humility and getting better.”

Rooney’s Life Anthem

“Go Before You Are Ready.”

“Go before you are ready. If I I had an Anthem in my life, that’s probably it. I really believe that people who go before they’re ready, that’s the DNA that ties greatness together.”

Go Before you are ready is also one of the 10 LOE’s (lines of effort) from his book, “Fly Into the Wind – How to Harness Faith and Fearlessness on Your Ascent to Greatness.”

A life mantra and one of the 10 LOE’s (lines of effort) of Lt. Col. Dan Rooney, the only person in history to be both a United States Air Force pilot and PGA of America professional.

Rooney is also is the founder of, an organization that has awarded scholarships to 35,000 children of fallen military heroes:

Lt. Col. Dan Rooney. Take a few minutes and listen to his message and learn more about his story.