Linda Hartough – Capturing Excellence With a Fine Artist (#19)

Linda Hartough is a fine artist who followed her beliefs to establish a new genre of golf art and this episode reveals her path, choices and journey.

Since 1984, she has captured some of the world’s most beautiful golf courses through stunningly realistic paintings including Augusta National, Carnoustie, Pebble Beach and St. Andrews.

Hartough on Excellence:

“I think of Excellence as an individual’s pursuit of developing their talent. I think everyone has a talent, but some people never realize it, Usually, if a person has passion and they know that’s their purpose, then they are going to develop that to Excellence. It’s just a natural progression.”

Top 3 Moments of Excellence from Hartough Episode
(as selected by host Brian Hurlburt)

1. Follow Your Beliefs and Path

“I think if you’re true to yourself, you’ll recognize that sacrifices are part of what you have to do in order to get to where you want to be or to develop that innate talent.

I guess other people would look at them as sacrifices, but in a way, you’re given these choices and paths all your life.

“I didn’t see them as sacrifices, certainly not at the time. I just saw them as choices and paths.”

2. Excellence Develops

“I think of Excellence as an individual’s pursuit of developing his or her talent.

“If a person has passion and they know their purpose, then they are going to develop that to excellence. It’s just a natural progression.”

3. Be Open to Possibilities

“I think it’s just trusting your own feelings about (finding your way.)

I had a strong feeling that it was just a matter of time and figured out (the business of art.) You just have to figure it out and be open to possibilities.”