Ty Murray – King of the Cowboys on How Bull Riding Led to Life of Excellence (#21)

Ty Murray is the King of the Cowboys who mastered three disciplines of rodeo. Plus, he helped create the amazingly successful Professional Bull Riders (PBR) and even Danced with the Stars. Along the way, he won world titles in all around, bull riding and PBR.

And he was moved and appreciative by our Podcast idea and appearance, and candidly shared the who, how and why of his life of Excellence on so many levels.

Excellence from Ty:

“What has to happen first is you have to have an understanding and develop an Excellence in the basics. I feel every endeavor in life has basics that you’ve got to be able to do. If you get thrown into the fire, you’re not learning basics. You’re just trying to stay alive. And if you can learn the basics really well first, and get where it’s automatic and you don’t think about it and your body just knows how to react in those ways, then when the fire does come, you’re ready for it.”

This is a must listen and thanks to Ty for his continual kind words about the experience.

“I really enjoyed being a guest on this podcast Magnifying Excellence – Xlete. He really goes in depth on what defines Excellence.” — Ty Murray via his Facebook page.