Atlanta’s Freeman Has “Excellence Rewarded” With League MVP Award

We love when the word “Excellence” is used in a headline and that was the case recently in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “Freddie Freeman, MVP: Excellence rewarded” was the headline, and he was deserving as the 2020 National League Most Valuable Player. –By Brian Hurlburt, Magnifying Excellence Podcast Host. And as we have learned through our […]

Here’s Why Thinks Kyler Murray’s Excellence Should Transform NFL

Phoenix Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray is taking the NFL by storm and took things to a whole new level this past week when he completed a “Hail Murray” to Deandre Hopkins in the last seconds to defeat the Buffalo Bills 32-30. Here’s how the NFL should be impacted according to –By Brian Hurlburt, Magnifying […]

Space Station Communications Excellence Paves Way for Us on Earth

Recently, NASA marked 20 straight years of having a human in space. Part of what makes this stunning achievement possible is inventing and implementing reliable communications systems. To honor this, NASA recently posted an article entitled, “The International Space Station: 20 Years of Communications Excellence.” –By Brian Hurlburt, Magnifying Excellence Podcast Host. For sure, these […]

Lifetime of Excellence Leads Marlins to Hire Baseball’s First Female GM

When I saw the headline from the Miami Marlins Twitter feed, my first thought was, “that is exactly what I hope to inspire and shine a light on with the Magnifying Excellence Podcast: a lifetime of Excellence.” The feed read: “Making history by bringing a lifetime of excellence, Kim Ng steps to the helm as […]

In What Way Is Burger King Showing Excellence, Empathy?

So how does a fast food chain like Burger King exude Excellence and empathy? By seeing the bigger picture of what the world is dealing with during these times of struggle and encouraging folks to support restaurants, even if that means eating at their “Arch” enemy, McDonalds, or other restaurants. –By Brian Hurlburt, Magnifying Excellence […]

Expansion of Discovery Life PacBio Excellence Center Strengthens Cancer Fight

To the layperson, the expansion of the HudsonAlpha Discovery Life PacBio Center for Excellence to become one of the largest commercial long read sequencing services laboratories in the world sounds interesting, but probably quite confusing. Here’s what it could mean to cancer research. –By Brian Hurlburt, Magnifying Excellence Podcast host. “We are looking forward to […]

In Age of Covid-19 Exercise Can Be a Key to Good Health

It probably isn’t a cure all, but most experts agree that exercise and a good fitness regimen is a major benefit, especially during the coronavirus pandemic. Here are some of the reasons why exercise can help you mentally and physically. –By Brian Hurlburt, Magnifying Excellence Podcast Host. In a recent article at, writer Mallory […]

Excellence Spotlight – See How World’s Fastest Blind Sprinter Does It

Watching David Brown, who is blind, and his racing partner Jerome Avery sprint is stunning and breathtaking. Here’s video proof. If you aren’t looking very closely and paying attention, you would think you were watching Usain Bolt in an Olympic sprint. But while Bolt is mesmerizingly fast, what Brown does is more impressive. From Runner’s […]

Here Are Books On Andrew Carnegie Medals for Excellence Longlist

With still much time on our hands during days and nights at home, here’s some welcome news about how to pass the time. A total of 46 books (26 fiction, 20 nonfiction) has been selected for the longlist for the 2021 Andrew Carnegie Medals for Excellence in Fiction and Nonfiction. This list will whittle down […]