Ty Murray – King of the Cowboys on How Bull Riding Led to Life of Excellence (#21)

Ty Murray is the King of the Cowboys who mastered three disciplines of rodeo. Plus, he helped create the amazingly successful Professional Bull Riders (PBR) and even Danced with the Stars. Along the way, he won world titles in all around, bull riding and PBR. And he was moved and appreciative by our Podcast idea […]

Jennifer Lynne Williams – Excellence Is Being an Independent Thinker (#20)

Guest Jennifer Lynne Williams has been breaking barriers and glass ceilings her whole life. Now, as the Chief Development Officer of the USA Basketball Foundation, she continues to make a difference. –By Brian Hurlburt, host. I first met Williams as she was hosting “Women in the Game”, a conference inspiring a diverse group of young […]

Linda Hartough – Capturing Excellence With a Fine Artist (#19)

Linda Hartough is a fine artist who followed her beliefs to establish a new genre of golf art and this episode reveals her path, choices and journey. Since 1984, she has captured some of the world’s most beautiful golf courses through stunningly realistic paintings including Augusta National, Carnoustie, Pebble Beach and St. Andrews. Hartough on […]

Dr. Gerald E. Harmon – Why His Advice of Excellence Is Vital More Than Ever (#18)

During these challenging times, this is arguably our most important episode to date. Dr. Gerald E. Harmon, a practicing family medical specialist and American Medical Association president, share his views on Excellence and much more with us. Dr. Harmon’s bio is filled with Excellence, including serving as major general in the Air Force, chief physician […]

Lt. Col Dan Rooney – Going Before You Are Ready is the DNA of Excellence (#17)

Lt. Col. Dan Rooney is the only person in history to be both a United States Air Force pilot and a PGA of America professional. How Being a Fighter Pilot Changed His Life Being a fighter pilot changed his life and the core philosophy of honestly scrutinizing your efforts translates to everyday life. “Being a […]

Simon Keith – Heart Transplant Recipient on How to Embrace Fear (#16)

In this episode when Simon Keith described the moments just prior to entering the operating room prior to his first heart transplant, my mind raced to try and empathize with him. There is no way I could ever truly understand that feeling and moment, but Simon was nice enough to share candidly about that life-changing […]

Annika Sorenstam – How a Shy Girl Grew Up Not to Fear Excellence (#15)

During this episode, Annika Sorenstam, arguably the greatest women’s golfer in history, and also a huge success in business and philanthropy, shares her journey of Excellence like she never has before. What an episode and one you shouldn’t miss. And today, she reveals her journey of Excellence that includes: Overcoming shyness A willingness to never […]

Sam Schmidt – Enlightenment and Excellence Came After Paralysis (#14)

To most of us, it would seem as if being permanently paralyzed in a racing car accident would be the worst day of our lives. For guest Sam Schmidt, it just might have been one of the best days of his life. Former Indy Car champion Sam Schmidt defines what a true life of Excellence […]

Darren Cahill – How Asking and Listening Leads to Excellence (#13)

This is Darren Cahill, who I call Mr. Ask and Listen. Listen to find out why, but it has to do with putting whom you coach first and understanding what will make them better. He’s here to share his journey of Excellence. As always, this isn’t a glorification of Excellence, but a deep examination of […]

Tasha Schwikert Moser– How Excellence Blossoms from Little Margin for Error (# 12)

Tasha Schwikert Moser had to perform under the brightest lights and intense pressure when mere seconds could define her performance and career. Listen now as this Olympic medal winner for Team USA turned attorney shares stories, inspirations and more from her journey of Excellence, which featured challenges as they all do. –By Brian Hurlburt, Founder […]